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Microfinishing and Polishing film for watchmakers and jewellers

Thanks to the wide variety and high quality of the Microfinishing and Polishing Film product range, and the flexible conversion process.


Our shipments have resumed the flight

From today we return to deliver!


Microfinishing Film

Discover the Precision Polishing product range

Microfinishing Film is one of the most extended and varied product family within the Precision Polishing microabrasive films products range.  


Diamond Microfinishing Film FD55

New product launch

The new product range Diamond Microfinishing Film FD55


Further improve your finishing with microabrasives film at Grindtec 2020

We will be waiting for you at Grindtec to discover all news.  


Superfinishing for sprayed coatings

at Metal Plasma Srl

New superfinishing process of components with sprayed coatings


PSA Microfinishing Film for fine sanding operations

PSA Microfinishing Film is a product group where the microabrasive film backing is self-adhesive, as opposed to plain PET film.    


Diamond Lapping Film for hard materials superfinishing and sharpening

Finishing solution with Diamond Lapping film, discover more!


New conversion department for microfinishing and lapping film

The ability to provide microfinishing and lapping film products converted in a fast, flexible and high-quality process is one of the major benefits of Precision Polishing.


Cylinder Superfinishing for printing applications

The introduction of cylinder superfinishing has become widely adopted to guarantee a consistent high-quality print.  


Superfinishing with microabrasive film

Superfinishing with microabrasive film is a finishing system especially developed for the processing of cylindrical surfaces.


Scalloped Rolls Microfinishing Film

Discover our production of Scalloped Rolls Microfinishing Film!


Microabrasives Film conversion enlargement

Planned the expansion of Environmental Controlled Conversion (ECC).


New scalloped rolls

New range of microabrasives rolls!