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Flap Rolls & Dynamic Balancing

Flap Rolls & Dynamic Balancing

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Large flap brushes with our dynamic balancing service

The integrated production of large flap brushes is a key element to offer a complete product and service range for satinising and finishing of stainless steel. We manufacture flap brushes up to a maximum diameter of 450 mm and maximum length 1650 mm in various grits and densities.

To achieve the best finishing with flap brushes longer than 500/600 mm we advise our dynamic balancing service: we release a warranty certificate for every balanced flap brush documenting the balancing process and final result.

Available series

  • 6120 Clean & Finish
  • 6130 Heavy Duty
  • 6140 Super Duty

Input materials

6120 Clean & Finish

High flexibility product suitable to impart a consistent surface finish on all substrates.

Recommended applications:

  • Light burrs and weld blueing removal
  • Honing of gold, jewellery and clocks
  • Preparation for coating and plating

Available grit: XC – M – F – VF (A/O) e M – VF – SF – UF600 – UF800xs (S/C)

Mineral: Aluminium Oxide (A/O) e Silicon Carbide (S/C)

6130 Heavy Duty

Suitable for pressurised applications and working processes. It is the most aggressive product in siavlies product range, with 25% more fibre, resin and abrasives compared to 6120.

Recommended applications:

  • De-burring and finishing processes that require high stock removal and consistent polishing
  • Satinising and finishing of stainless steel
  • Excellent on fittings and decorations

Available grit: C – M – F - VF (A/O) e M – F – VF (S/C)

Mineral: Aluminium Oxide (A/O) e Silicon Carbide (S/C)

6140 Super Duty

Product with higher impregnation of polyurethane resin that offers longer lifetime and consistent scratch pattern.

Recommended applications:

  • On hard and non-ferrous metal i.e titanium and nickel
  • Light de-burring
  • Paint, rust and oxidation removal
  • Weld refining and cleaning

Available grit: M – F

Mineral: Aluminium Oxide