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Polishing Flocked Film

Polishing Flocked Film

Polishing Flocked Film

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Microabrasives coated on a soft flocked polyester film.

Polishing Flocked Film is a polishing microabrasives with micron-graded grains coated on a soft flocked 75 µm / 3 mil polyester film.

The fine and superfine minerals are aluminum oxide, silicon carbide or cerium oxide and allows Polishing Flocked Film to get a perfect finishing with higher gloss and shine. It is available in PSA (Pressure Sentitive Adhesive) as discs, sheet and rolls.

The main applications for Polishing Flocked Film are the final cylinders polishing and mirroring, especially in hard chrome plated mirror finished cylinders market for plastic film manufacturing. Other applications are in metallographic market and other finishing and lapping processes.

Available series

  • FA92

Coating Abrasive

Polishing Flocked Film

Available Grits

Serie Code: FA92

Film Thickness: 75 µm / 3 mil

Grit Range Micron: Aluminium Oxide

Available Grits: 2, 5,

Workpiece materials

Serie Code FA92

  • Hard Chrome
  • Copper
  • Steel

Application sector

Serie Code FA92

Engineering Industries

  • watch e jewellery
  • pneumatic components
  • roller manufacturing

Electronic Markets

  • fibre optic connectors

Item finishing

Serie Code FA92

  • polishing
  • mirroring/honing

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